Creative Zen Gift Ideas For Your Spiritual Friend

Creative Zen Gift Ideas For Your Spiritual Friend

Everyone loves to lead a relaxed and peaceful life, and that is what zen stands for. Zen is all about making your mind relaxed and refreshed at the same time. Not every one of us loves a similar kind of gift. Some may want indoor plants and planters whilst some prefer creative, holy gifts. If your friend is intrigued by Buddhism, meditation, and spirituality, zen gifts can be an ideal choice. Outlined below are some of the pious gifts which you can present to your friend.

Zen balls

These are also known as stress balls, which come with a hollow sphere and tapping sticks. What you can do with these balls and sticks is create the sound of the drum done by Buddhist monks. According to ancient teaching, the sound generates cosmic energy, similar to the “OM” sound, which is used to calm your mind and soothe all your nerves. For quick relaxation, these balls and sticks can be used to create the mystical syllable.

Meditation box

The zen meditation box can be kept beside your workspace table or bedside because it has the power to spark creativity, relax your mind, and boost meditative calm. In ancient practice, priests used to rake gravel or sand just like waves, symbolizing an artistic purpose. This raking of sand helps to enhance concentration, nurture your thoughts, and help you to follow your desires. People who face a lot of mental traffic in their work can find inner peace with this meditation box.

Kenko matcha green tea

The secret to living a long, unstressed life is Kenko matcha green tea. This is a highly recommended powder by the monks and priests, who have mastered the art of living a balanced life. To make this powdery form of tea, the freshly picked leaves are dried and then grounded. Kenko matcha is an organic powder that stimulates your mind and body. This is also a great alternative drink to coffee and other beverages. If you need to boost their mind and soul, matcha green tea should be your choice.

Tibetan singing mallet

Do you want to give your friend something aesthetic? You can purchase the Tibetan singing bowl! This piece looks magnificent and generates an invigorating sound that makes the entire surrounding calm and serene. This mallet is generally used for prayers and sound strengthens the peace you are looking for.

Desktop gong

Gong has immense strength and power that you can hardly imagine. We often lose our peace in our hectic schedule and look for some temporary refreshments. Keep this desktop gong at your workstation. The sound has such high note energy that it protects you from all evil and negative sources around you. 

These are a few zen gifts which you can present to your friend. These are pretty unique and look beautiful. It not only boosts one’s mental health but also spreads positivity in the environment you live in. These remove all the negative energy around you and strengthen your spirit with more creativity and vigor.

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